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"Tripoli" 12 Inch Vinyl Clock

"Tripoli" 12 Inch Vinyl Clock

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Take a moment and visualise what it would be like to have artwork in your home that reflects your identity.

This artwork has been created to reflect the diversity of sexualities, gender identities and sex characteristics within the LGBTQIA+ community.

This upcycled functional artwork is made from a vinyl record and was made to represent the colours of the Polysexual pride flag.

Display your pride with this functional artwork which is as unique and individual as you.

Want numbers on your clock? Just leave us a note at checkout with your colour choice (black or gold) and we will add them for you!

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It all starts with an unwanted vinyl record, scrounged from the corner of an op-shop after it sat untouched for decades in someone’s garage.

The record is brought to Handmade Pride’s workshop where it is then
prepared to be transformed into something amazing. The acrylic paint colours are selected before being mixed and carefully poured onto the record using one of various fluid art techniques. It is then placed on a shelf to dry.

Over the next week (sometimes two), the colourful paints turn from liquid into a solid, leaving behind a mesmerising and unique pattern. The unpredictability of the fluid painting process means the final result can often look different than when freshly poured.

Once dried, the artwork is coated with a coat of clear resin to make the colours pop and give the artwork some shine. After another week of drying, a silent mechanism is carefully attached, which includes a hook and sweeping second hand.

And voila!

What was once a piece of unwanted history which was destined for
landfill, has now been transformed into a unique and colourful piece of functional artwork that is calling out for its new home.

Be prepared to disappoint your friends (in the nicest way possible)
when you tell them that your functional artwork is a one-of-a-kind piece and they can’t have the same one, even if they love it as much as you do. They’ll just have to find their own unique functional artwork on our website and make it theirs.

This beautiful piece of functional up-cycled artwork is as unique and as individual as you.

Be unique.

Be individual.

Be proud.

Why You’ll love it

  • The artwork doesn’t just look great, it also tells the time.
  • It is 30cm (12 inches) in diameter – perfect for almost any space.
  • The mechanism is silent so you can sit or sleep in silence without any ticking sounds.
  • It has a hook and is ready to hang.
  • It only requires 1 AA battery for use (not included).

Please note: as it is made from a vinyl record, your artwork will
need to be kept out of direct sunlight. Direct sun or extreme heat will
cause the vinyl to warp.



This product is shipped from Australia. Please allow 3-5 business days to prepare and ship your new artwork